About Us

After Donald Trump was elected in 2016, residents recognized there was a community need in the Lake Travis area.  People needed to know they had fellow neighbors who still wanted everyone to be included, welcome and safe.  Thus a non-profit organization called Lake Travis Progressives, a lighthouse in a sea of red, was founded in December of 2016.

The community grew quickly to well over 1000 members.  It was built around educational programs and social community development.  Over time, the political environment in the Lake Travis area has intensified.  Conservative PACs, largely supported by outside political dollars, have formed in our community to ensure the local school board and city councils are decided by the PACs and not the residents.

In 2023, the new leadership decided to dissolve the LLC and form a PAC, Lake Travis Voices for Progress (V4P).  V4P is not a corporate PAC.  It is a PAC powered by the people of Lakeway, Bee Cave and Spicewood.  It's a social lighthouse for those who moved to Austin to "Keep Austin Weird" and then suddenly found themselves in a place where some political and religious leaders encourage divisiveness and bigotry.  V4P welcomes everyone - y'all means all!  And we are on a mission to unite Lake Travis residents who need a lighthouse, a community.  And we are on a mission to support local candidates who align with our values - welcoming everyone, supporting public education and teachers, and ensuring we develop our community in a sustainable way.

Lastly, other local PACs interview people before the election begins. The PAC actually decides for the community who the candidate will be rather than letting the candidates decide who will run.  V4P does not do that.   

Note:  LTV4P is an independent PAC.  We have no affiliation with this organization (https://voicesforprogress.org/).

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