2025 LTISD School Board Election

The 2024 LTISD School Board election was really a David and Goliath story.  Lake Travis Familes PAC and their candidates had enormous financial resources, professional political strategists, and support of local and state politicians.  And yet the other candidates, the most qualified candidates, Lauren White and Dr. Phillip Davis won Place 1 and Place 2 on the Lake Travis ISD School Board.  They won in part, because V4P was able to educate the LTISD community on the realities of our school board.  As a result, the LTISD community came together and voted for candiates who really support making public education thrive.  They voted for candidates who really care about ALL LTISD students.  And they voted for FREADOM (misspelling intended).  When we all come together in a real grassroots way, we can create change.  

With your help and support, this is just the beginning.  This is truly a grassroots effort, funded by people who have no political ties but just want to support public education in LTISD.  We don't pay fancy political strategists to do the work.  We don't pay people to put up signs and door hangers.  It's all volunteers.  You can learn more about our financials here

When public schools are under attach from our state government, we need to do all we can to protect our schools in LTISD.  We can do more to restore kindness, sanity and progress to this community.  Help us prepare for 2025 by donating today!